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Genotype diet, what does it consist of?

Many talk about the diet of the genotype but not everyone is clear on what it is. This diet has been designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo (United States) in 2007. Peter D'Adamo specializes in natural medicine, data for nothing less as we will see later. The basic concept is that traditional diets have the problem that they work with some people if and others do not, but above all, that they have a limited effect over time; fact that is so relevant that motivates the creation of the genotype diet. This variation in effectiveness and limited duration, are due, according to the author, to different people have a different genotype that conditions different responses. When it says genotype it refers to the genes that each person has. Designing a diet for each person individually would be an extremely long and complex process. However, Peter D'Adamo in this genotype diet, grouped 6 different genotypes, which have a homogeneous response within that particular group. Save See also Fast diet…

How to make a diet of rice

The diet of rice consists of a very strict regime for 2 or 4 weeks or more, this in order to lose several kilos in a short period . In this plan is mainly restricted salt, fat, sugar, processed foods. You can lose 10 to 15 kilos in 30 days. The Dr. Walter Kempner introduced the Rice Diet in 1939 at Duke University in the United States as a method against hypertension , heart disease, kidney etc. Duke University canceled the rice diet program a few years ago after 70 years of existence, it was very expensive, it cost $ 5,000 a month, they had almost no customers because of the high costs. The rice diet was a complete program within the Duke University to improve health included an exercise routine, classes, workshops to manage anxiety, etc.
Dr. Kempner planned the diet for a daily intake of 2000 calories, including fruit, low salt, low fat, protein , steamed rice, and restricting vegetables, supplementing it with vitamin supplements. Now, designed as a diet to lose weight , it has been mo…